Terms of Service


1. Big Blue Photo Booth will arrive at event venue approximately one hour before scheduled rental start time to setup equipment and make sure that everything is operational. If client chooses to start the photo booth before their original start time their rental duration will start at that moment.

 2.Each booking will consist of 2x6 strip prints unless client request 4x6 prints for an additional fee.

 3. Each photo booth session prints out two 2x6 prints. One copy will go into client’s photo album. The other copy will be given to their guest. Duplicate prints can be purchased. If client orders duplicate prints, additional prints can be printed out at client’s guest request. (Ex. If 4 people took a photo together, all 4 will receive a copy at their request.)

 4. If client orders 4x6 prints instead of 2x6 prints only 1 full 4x6 print will be printed out per session. Client can choose to keep the 4x6 print for their photo album, or client can choose to give the 4x6 print to their guest. If client would like a photo album and give a 1 copy to their guest per session they can pay $50.

 5. If client would like to add duplicate prints to a 4x6 rental there is an additional $80 fee (Photo Album Included).

6. It is the sole responsibility of the client to secure permission of the event venue for Big Blue Photo Booth to setup and operate the Photo Booth at this event. The Photo Booth requires approximately 10ft by 10ft shaded space (table space included), and requires access to a 120-volt electrical outlet. The photo booth cannot be directly in the sun. The client is responsible to inform Big Blue Photo Booth of any restrictions at the site that may affect the setup or operation of the Photo Booth and/or Big Blue Photo Booth ability to adequately perform their duties. The client understands that such restrictions may adversely affect the overall experience and/or quality of photos, and that Big Blue Photo Booth is not responsible for the consequences of such restrictions.

7. Big Blue Photo Booth takes the utmost care regarding equipment function, photo quality, and printing. However, due to the nature of technology, some downtime may occur. Big Blue Photo Booth guarantees its equipment to be operational at least 80% of the scheduled rental time, and will refund a pro-rated amount of the rental price for any downtime beyond this caused by equipment malfunction.

8. In the event Big Blue Photo Booth fails to comply with the terms of this agreement, Big Blue Photo Booth will only be liable for funds received.

9. Client agrees to indemnify Big Blue Photo Booth against any and all liability from any claims, actions, suits, costs, damages or liabilities including but not limited to liability for personal injury of any person at the event, and/or property damage. Client acknowledges that it shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Provider’s Equipment caused by any misuse of the Provider’s Equipment by Client or its guest.

10. Minors (under 13) may not operate the photo booth unless accompanied by parent/guardian over the age of 18.

11. Big Blue Photo Booth reserves all rights to the photographs captured during event and may use for demonstration, publication, and/or other purposes. Original media and copyrights remain the exclusive property of Big Blue Photo Booth.

12. Any individual aspects or particular requests should be made prior to your signing this agreement.
This agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the parties. Any modifications of this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

13. This agreement shall be governed by the law of the state of California.

14. Payments shall be due at the following times: $100 initial deposit; the remaining balance is due upon arrival to your event.
If event is cancelled, the client will forfeit the non-refundable deposit. However, this deposit may be applied with no penalties to a later available date agreed upon by Big Blue Photo Booth and the client within 120 days of cancellation date. If no later date is available, the deposit is forfeited to Big Blue Photo Booth.

15. If Big Blue Photo Booth cancels the contract due to illness or a non-compliant Client (Client violates any terms of the Contract), Big Blue Photo Booth will refund all of the deposit received.

16. A $100 non-refundable deposit and complete booking form is required to reserve your event date. Final payment is due on the day of your event. Any failure to make timely payments or form completion may result in cancellation of this contract. 

17. Please note that you may be required to book for more than 3 hours and a travel fee may apply based on your event date or location.

 18. Photo booths are dispersed upon availability. Client agrees if they have not specified photo booth type, they will receive a booth based on what’s available (no extra charges applied). In the event of clients requested booth style is out of service, Client agrees to accept a photo booth based on availability.

 19. Photo album styles (colors & designs) are given upon availability.


20. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Check, or Cash.

21. In the event of Big Blue Photo Booth receiving a bad check or non-payment. The client agrees to pay Big Blue Photo Booth $10 extra per day of non-payment. The client agrees to pay for bank fees applied to Big Blue Photo Booth as well. 

22. Unlimited Sessions = Your guest can use the booth as many times during your rental duration.

23. Duplicate Prints are not included in packages. Duplicate prints are only included if Duplicate Prints add-on/upgrade is purchased.

23. Client agrees to keep a printed copy of Big Blue Photo Booth's Terms of Service as a reference in case of any discrepancies.